Come See This Man

A number of these meditations could quite easily be used to replace a sermon, allowing the reader to take time to draw the listener into the rhythm and power of the prose, which tells the story with integrity and empathy. Equally the material may well be used to retell a familiar gospel story to help illustrate a sermon, or be used in a more informal setting as part of an epilogue.

Come, See This Man is an invitation to encounter Jesus through the first hand experiences of people who have been challenged, redeemed, healed and restored into wholeness in Christ:

An irate villager struggles with the invitation of the woman at the well to, “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did.” The woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, tells of how her shame gives way to forgiveness and healing. An old man meets Jesus and knows immediately who he is and realises that this is the most important meeting of his life. Simon of Cyrene speaks of his thoughts and feelings as he comes face to face with Jesus and is pulled from the crowd to carry the cross. The Centurion speaks of anger and confusion as he watches the crucifixion, until he experiences Jesus’ love pouring down from the cross. Two friends on the road to Emmaus meet with a stranger, who turns out to be no stranger at all and their hearts are set ablaze! Thomas takes us through his struggle of doubt versus hope, rejection versus acceptance, until he meets his Risen Lord in the upper room. Mary goes to tend the body of Jesus and meets the living Christ.