Now I See

'Now I See' has been both a challenge and a tremendous privilege to,write.


rom Blind Bartimaeus who receives more than he dared hope for at the hands of Jesus, to the ten lepers healed at the sound of Jesus' voice.

Nicodemus who meets Jesus at night and in so doing is touched in his soul by 'seeing' that Jesus is both Law and Prophets. The woman with the issue of blood who dares to do the unthinkable and touch Jesus' garment is given the amazing truth of seeing her true worth.
Our hearts are moved at the plight of Jairus as he begs Jesus to heal his daughter and then sees a miracle!
We meet the woman bent double and share in her joy as she sees the faces of her neighbours instead of only their feet and finds herself reinstated as a Daughter of Abraham.
A man bedridden and useless is lowered through the roof by his friends to Jesus' feet. He is healed in body, mind and spirit and 'sees' the wonder of who Jesus is.
Then we meet Zacchaeus! A wee man with a big! That is, until he comes face to face with Jesus and he 'sees' where his true wealth lies.

Little did I imagine when I tentatively wrote 'Come, See This Man' that it would be followed by 'Born For You' And 'Now I See.'


In 'Now I See' I have been taken on a journey of listening and praying resulting in a fresh awareness of how the people who were healed by Jesus might have felt; not only felt, but were gloriously enabled to 'see' their true worth in God. May you 'see' and encounter the healing restoring love of God as you read and like Blind Bartimaeus not only 'see' but follow Jesus along the road of life. Lord, open our eyes to see and open our hearts to love.